Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What to write about?

Sitting at the stake center thinking as I am waiting for a temple recommend interview. That last series of posts took a bit of time and thought. I am looking into options of things I can write about that will be meaningful and a bit shorter. I was asked to teach Sunday School last week and the week after conference. I prepared a lesson on Joel and Amos. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and had a great time. I am thinking I would like to write up a post on each. I am also thinks it would be great to think up some topics to explore from General Conference.

I am finding getting a group of readers for my blog is going to take a while. I figure I will give it some time then decide if there is a point of publishing to the Internet or if I should go back to just keeping a journal for my family, who have to read my stuff :)


  1. Teaching is a great opportunity for learning! You will undoubtedly learn more than there is time to teach. Blogging is a good outlet for this so that you won't spontaneously combust with frustration.

    If you are keeping a scripture journal (and it sounds like you might be) that is a good source of things to put on your blog. If you've been putting your scriptural observations in your personal journal, it might help to start a scripture journal just for those things.

    Welcome to the blogosphere, and thanks for your good comments on my blog too!

    1. Thanks Michaela. I have really enjoyed your blog. I need to work a bit on my website with getting some more links set up to blogs I enjoy. There are so many readers who enjoy blogs but do not comment. My wife is one of those. It makes it difficult to know if publishing is worthwhile. But I have had enough positive feedback now that I will stick with it. My biggest challenge is time to write. I do not like to write things that I have not researched and checked my sources well. That means that every paragraph is quite an investment. I am also working on workflow as I largely work from my iPad. I have used wiki markup for documentation at my work and have been experimenting with markdown for blogging. Getting an app that has the right mix of formatting options, ease of use, features (how can an app not have spellcheck!), is a little hard and moving between apps has had a frustrating effect on formatting. I think I am starting to get close on a workflow I like.