Saturday, February 14, 2015

Italics in the King James Version

I had a young sister in my ward ask me an insightful question a few weeks ago wondering about the italicized words she sees in the Bible and wondering what their significance was. I gave her a quick answer there but I thought I would expand on it a bit more here. It is a common thing that many people read past without ever knowing why it is used.

The Trap of the Long Post

It seems I have fallen into the trap of the long post. As anyone reading my blog may have observed, my posts tend to be long and involved. While they do not always reach the level of a research paper they do often contain lots of footnotes and I spend a fair bit of time making sure that I am not saying something totally stupid. At times I can get into a topic that just seems to endlessly expand from what I want to say. I have fallen into that over the last few months and I currently have a post that I am very pleased with but is only half written so far. Meanwhile my blog seems very stagnate, not exactly the way to stay on the top of anyone's reading list. Additionally it takes a great deal of mental effort to dive into a long and complicated post. The realities of life often mean that after a busy day at work I often pick up my notes and think "I should work on this...Hey the kids just turned on Scooby-Doo. That requires much less mental effort. Maybe I should just watch that instead. I wonder if Velma will loose her glasses again..." As a result I realize it's been a few weeks since I made good progress on this long post and I have been avoiding it. I think the solution is that I need to keep some lighter posts going as well and not focus so intently on a single subject at once. I have some simple ideas for shorter posts and I believe I will be working on a few of those to keep the site fresh. So I will be committing to try to post more frequently here.