Monday, November 23, 2015

Constellations in the Hebrew Bible

The Hebrew Bible makes several references to constellations. Sometimes these constellations are well understood and sometimes they are not. In this entry I want to take a look at four passages of scripture that reference constellations and examine what they reveal to us about the astronomy of the ancient Israelites.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


With the recent “super blood moon” and a Halloween asteroid (2015 TB 145) hurtling towards the earth, I felt inspired to do a series of posts on astrology and astronomy. There has been some press about Mormons and other Christians predicting the end of the world based on some of these phenomenon. The Church issued a statement and followed up with a blog entry which gives the details of some of that silliness. In my personal life I knew of no members of the church who were at all concerned by the blood moon and in fact I set up my scope in our tightly Mormon neighborhood and had half the ward watching the eclipse with me. The few people I did know who expressed concern were some coworkers, most of whom have no particular religion but seem to enjoy conspiracy theories and most predictions that the world is coming to an end only to disappointedly have to return to work on Monday.